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Joel Orsini is the executive chef of Izkina, in Dallas. From a young age, Chef Joel Orsini’s life has been centered around the kitchen. With a pair of skilled home cooks for parents and a family bond forged at the table, he learned to love food early on and dreamed of a career as a chef since age 12. This goal drove him to the Culinary Institute of America and positions in kitchens throughout New York City, gaining expertise that he would eventually bring him back to his home state of Texas. His focus is on suffusing dishes with the careful attention and love that truly create a memorable meal. His goal is for guests to experience “a feeling of comfort like walking into the home of a close friend.”

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A lovely little nook of spruce
"A lovely little nook of spruce tips!! #btbmv"
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On the bigger side of things
"On the bigger side of things our 2# ribeye basted in juniper and brown butter, along side of marinated dandelion greens and local radishes. #weneedabiggerboat"
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Final test for the day. MV
"Final test for the day. MV Scallop Tartar, pickled beets, roasted beets, beet hay, garlic mustard and nasturtium vin. Served in its own shell and on top of shells from the surrounding beaches. #preserveeverything"
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You just really can’t beat the
"You just really can’t beat the bounty that the Atlantic has to offer. Razor clams, gremolata, herb oil, fermented tomato broth and a hearty crust of bread. #seafoodstrong"
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