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Chef Tory grew up working in his grandparents' diner in Racine, Wisconsin before moving to New York to attend the French Culinary Institute and work his way through some of the cities' finest kitchens, including Bill Telepan's Judson Grill and Eleven Madison Park. A true Wisconsinite at heart, he returned to Madison to begin working under his mentor, Odessa Piper, at L'Etoile, where he found his true passion for local food through the Dane County Farmers' Market. After taking over L'Etoile in 2005 from Odessa, Tory opened his second restaurant, Graze, in 2010, his third, Sujeo, in 2014, and fourth, Estrellón in 2015, as a way to provide locally-sourced cuisine to a larger audience in the Madisonian dining scene and expand his love for world cuisines. A 2012 recipient of the James Beard Award Best Chef: Midwest, Tory has strived to strengthen Madison's food system, local agriculture, and wider community throughout his career by supporting farmers and purchasing local Wisconsin products for all his restaurants, most recently forming the Madison Area Chefs Network to unite Madison's local chefs for the first time. In 2018, Chef Tory was a contestant on The Food Network's Iron Chef Showdown, and beat Iron Chef, Bobby Flay, in a battle of meats.

My Venues

  • L'etoile
    25 S Pinckney St
    Madison, WI
  • Sujeo
    10 N Livingston St
    Madison, WI


  • Best Chefs in America
    James Beard Foundation

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Behind the Scenes

I’ve been working in Madison
"I’ve been working in Madison with the farmers at the market for 15 years now. I’ve always been so in awe of how much care is given to the produce they bring in every week. This guy is Mike Martin from Jones Valley Farm. He is explaining to me that he doesn’t know why the roots on these beets are all crazy. He didn’t even think I would want to buy them. You can see his dissatisfaction in his face. This is the reason why we do what we do. Supporting people that care as much or more about what they do, as much as we do. How can I not want to cook with passion when so much passion has already gone into everything, even these gnarly beets! Spoiler alert 🚨 food doesn’t have to be beautiful to be delicious! I am beyond thankful to have @danecofm and all of its beautiful people every Saturday to keep pushing me to always see the beauty in what we do. #THANKYOUFARMERS 💚💛💚💛"
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In our effort to make a bowl
"In our effort to make a bowl of something good today for our #latenightnoodlebar @sujeomadison I wanted to make something I love, to feel comfort and warmth. This soup is porky, shrimpy, noodle-y, and spicy. Get your crew, belly up to our bar, and slurp away. #ripbigtone 🖤"
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First pic is another new dish
"First pic is another new dish from our menu @sujeomadison. Our version of pad woon sen, stir fried pork with red curry, vegetables, and sweet potato noodles! Hits all the sweet, salty, spicy, sour notes, so addicting. Second pic is our #latenightnoodlebar special for this week! Ramp kimchi jjigae with OG spicy pork, green garlic, and egg yolk. This one just tastes like the home that I’ve never seen, the past I’ve always been looking for, and victory. 🐼🔥 #ilovethisshit #wisconsinspringasian #koreanadoptee 🍜🍜🍜 #rampchi #sooj #litforever #flammaé"
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