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Jonny Hunter moved to Madison 18 years ago in search of intellectual freedom and an environment that embraced a love of learning. After he found all that, he found something else: an opportunity to establish an alternative model for fine dining that has propelled him into the culinary spotlight. Hunter is the co-owner of Madison’s Underground Food Collective, a multifaceted enterprise with catering, meat processing and fine-dining components. He serves as the chef at the restaurant, Forequarter, a recent venture that has been named one of the country’s top 50 new restaurants by Bon Appétit magazine. And on Feb. 18, the 35-year-old was revealed to be one of four Wisconsinites on the shortlist for a prestigious honor: the James Beard Award for best chef in the Midwest.

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    Didn’t think they would pop so
    "Didn’t think they would pop so soon. Good thing I hit up my favorite spot. #climatechange"
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    No employee has had a bigger
    "No employee has had a bigger impact at @undergroundfoodcollective then @beddaaa she opened @undergroundbutcher and then took over our pastry and production aspect of the business and took them from after thoughts to an essential part of what we do. If you enjoyed a dessert @forequarter or had cookies and jams or crackers from @undergroundbutcher it was her doing. After over five years here we say good bye, wish her the best and realize how big her role has been in this company. We feel so lucky for all that you did here. 😍"
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    Some serious deliciousness by
    "Some serious deliciousness by @lznoodles tonight. Beet, onions, kale, parsnips and Thai chili’s."
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    Riced potato 🥔 koji.
    "Riced potato 🥔 koji."
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