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Jonny Hunter moved to Madison 18 years ago in search of intellectual freedom and an environment that embraced a love of learning. After he found all that, he found something else: an opportunity to establish an alternative model for fine dining that has propelled him into the culinary spotlight. Hunter is the co-owner of Madison’s Underground Food Collective, a multifaceted enterprise with catering, meat processing and fine-dining components. He serves as the chef at the restaurant, Forequarter, a recent venture that has been named one of the country’s top 50 new restaurants by Bon Appétit magazine. And on Feb. 18, the 35-year-old was revealed to be one of four Wisconsinites on the shortlist for a prestigious honor: the James Beard Award for best chef in the Midwest.

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Sweet pea + sorrel wedding cake
$$$, Modern, Full Bar, New American, Tenney Lapham
"But I WILL NEVER STOP DREAMING about the dessert! ✨💕✨ Sweet pea + sorrel wedding cake with strawberry-honey buttercream 😍🍰💕 Good lord it was beautiful in every single way possible!!! @jermjohnston, not even kidding, i want to fly their baker down to make this for our wedding!! 💁‍♀️💕"