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Brendon is the executive chef at Gold Cash Gold in Detroit.

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I generally don’t like orange
"I generally don’t like orange painted things, but this turmeric glazed cauliflower is mighty delicious. Here’s to a fun night with @sfmoma"
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New dish. Actually five new
"New dish. Actually five new dishes this weekend. Great having a good team passionate where it counts."
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#tbt to my time in Japan at
"#tbt to my time in Japan at Kichisen. Never did shave my head like the rest of the apprentices... but this time defined a lot of what I see as camaraderie amongst coworkers. Come in every morning together, leave every night together. So much respect for those I worked with during that time. #workhard #worklong #worktogether #work #igotchristmasoff #kichisen #❤️ #🎄"
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