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Hospitable as he is talented, Chef English is eager to share his passion for culinary craft, unique cocktails and college football with each and every guest he meets. And he’s no stranger to hard work. English studied pre-law at the University of Mississippi, paying his way through college as a cook in local kitchens. The experience inspired him to shift tracks entirely and pursue his passion for food at the Culinary Institute of America, where in addition to studying abroad in France and Spain, English graduated at the top of his class in 2004. 2009 Food & Wine magazine “Best New Chef” Kelly English is executive chef/owner of acclaimed Restaurant Iris and The Second Line in Memphis. By virtue of his steadfast approach to contemporary southern cuisine, deeply rooted in his Louisiana upbringing and heavily influenced by his travels around the globe, Chef English has earned his position as one of the most recognized culinary names in the South.

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And on the eighth day, he made
"And on the eighth day, he made Earnestine & Hazel’s."
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Winter months special:
"Winter months special: andouille hotdog with Chip’s chili, cheddar, and creole mustard. Knife and fork style. Come and get one @thesecondlinememphis. $8"
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It’s cold out there baby...$4
"It’s cold out there baby...$4 cups of gumbo all day at the second line. @secondlinemem"
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Ain’t nothing but a Latke
"Ain’t nothing but a Latke party. Proud to cook an early Hanukkah Supper for the Jewish Federation of Oxford tonight."
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Wait...what? I see you,
"Wait...what? I see you, muffuletta."
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The only meal you should be
"The only meal you should be eating in Memphis tonight. #ripkeenan"
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