Josh Buehler

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  • Escoffier Award
    Johnson & Wales University
  • A chic, sexy American steakhouse

Where I Go Out

Behind the Scenes

Tartufo 70mm packed with white
"Tartufo 70mm packed with white truffles."
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Hot Soppressata 55mm -
"Hot Soppressata 55mm - Traditional Italian, Spicy Salami that'll rock your world."
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Cacciatorini - Rustic hunter
"Cacciatorini - Rustic hunter style salami with notes of pepper and fresh garlic."
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Our beautiful finocciona 55mm.
"Our beautiful finocciona 55mm. Made with red wine, garlic and fennel."
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We just can't get enough of
"We just can't get enough of our burnt ends 😋"
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