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Sara is the chef/owner of Aloha Streatery food truck in Columbus.

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Today’s Special: Summer
"Today’s Special: Summer noodles(vegan)- rice noodles, romaine lettuce, quick-pickled carrots, & fresh cucumbers. Topped with fresh mint and chopped peanuts in our sweet chili vinaigrette. Served with chicken or tofu. Come get your fix!"
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Seventh Son’s Oubliette stout
"Seventh Son’s Oubliette stout brisket back on special! 😍😍 Come kick start your weekend with us. 5pm-late"
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The face you make when it's
"The face you make when it's finally patio weather! (Well, this was just a bad angle- we promise they are super stoked) Come kick it with us. Slingin' bowls and buns @seventh_son_brewing 5pm- late. 😜"
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Mahalo to Matt
"Mahalo to Matt @_mikemoline & I for a community base project. We've got some exciting news coming your way, Cbus."
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Mahalo,beautiful people for
"Mahalo,beautiful people for attending last nights Aloha ʻĀina - modern Hawaiian luau. We had so much fun sharing our traditions with you all. Me Ke Aloha- The Aloha Streatery Team"
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