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Made a few pina coladas for
"Made a few pina coladas for @dreclare and I."
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Rum old fashioned. Ron Zacapa
"Rum old fashioned. Ron Zacapa 23, giffard banane du bresil in place of simple syrup, and a few dashes of mole bitters. Simple and tasty."
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I've had this bottle sitting
"I've had this bottle sitting on my bar for about a week and finally had time to sit down and try it. It's delicious. Thanks @jkoeneman for the out of the blue but much appreciated gift."
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Years ago I tried to make this
"Years ago I tried to make this drink for @dreclare 's family in Fargo without any tools or even the correct rum. I think I was using a spoon as a muddler and we couldn't find rhum agricole so I used Jamaican rum. It was overly ambitious and pretty mediocre. Needless to say this one I just made with all the correct ingredients and tools tastes and looks waaayyy better."
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These are two of my current
"These are two of my current favorite amaros. Picking just one is too hard. #winthisbrancabike"
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Today was #chartreuseday so my
"Today was #chartreuseday so my post work drink is an Alaska cocktail, because I'll take any excuse to drink chartreuse. Gin, yellow chartreuse and a dash of Orange bitters with a lemon twist."
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