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Shana Solarte


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Shana Solarte is an Advanced Cicerone® from Chicago who joined the Cicerone® Certification Program in 2015, where she is the Content Manager. Additionally, Shana is often found on both sides of the bar at Dovetail Brewery and leading nerdy tours every weekend.

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I've had worse beers in worse
"I've had worse beers in worse places."
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Cheers to Ray and 10 years of
"Cheers to Ray and 10 years of @cicerone! I'm so proud to be part of this team."
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Dovetail makes party. The
"Dovetail makes party. The gentlemen laugh."
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Después de una semana larga,
"Después de una semana larga, brindo con una Lycan Lupus de @cervezafauna."
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Might wanna try the other
"Might wanna try the other door."
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