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  • Thrillist 15 Best New Roasters in the Country
  • 2017 National "Good Food Award"

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    Why drink decaf?  1. You can't
    "Why drink decaf? 1. You can't have caffeine 2. Drink after dinner or late afternoon (stick an ounce of this chilled in a Brandy flip, you won't regret it.) 3. This one is delicious! We looked for a delicious decaffeination method for a long time. Our last few lots have been EA process and we have been really impressed with the taste of these lots. This one is from Colombia and reminds us a bit of peach cobbler. #decafbeforedeath #craftandmason #lovelansing"
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    Rwanda Kibirizi will be
    "Rwanda Kibirizi will be released on the site tomorrow. Bright orange with deep sweetness. Super delicious on the first day of spring in Michigan (that's what we're telling ourselves). #lovelansing"
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    Morning Kalita.  What's your
    "Morning Kalita. What's your favorite way to make coffee? Tech keeps improving, were always keeping our 👀 peeled for the next great single cup drip machine. Any suggestions? #lovelansing #kalita #craftandmason"
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    When your favorite author
    "When your favorite author writes a book that is the true story of how one man risked his life to find and export coffee from Yemen, you buy it. As it turns out, Yemen is capable of producing some of the best coffee in the world. #daveeggers @themonkofmokha"
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