Sandra Loofbourow

Beverage Director, Roaster/Buyer/Barista
Sandra Loofbourow


About Sandra Loofbourow

A Chilean coffee and tango expert.

My Venues


  • Q Certified through CQI
  • Matchbook Coffee Project featured roaster for May 2017

Behind the Scenes

Last week I won’t a Star Trek
"Last week I won’t a Star Trek trivia contest with an amazing crew - team name Q (Junior). This week, I reap the rewards @federationbrew"
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Brew experiments galore
"Brew experiments galore"
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Today, I made my coworkers
"Today, I made my coworkers taste 13 different types of simple syrups and take notes on them. I’ve never felt more diabolical."
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Christopher asked me out on a
"Christopher asked me out on a date to my favorite @christophervictoria thank you especially for the delicious tres leches cake 🤤"
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If you're ever in Santiago...
"If you're ever in Santiago... make sure you stop by Dani's shop @mazaccone ! Jesus pulls amazing shots from Roasters & Co and the food is delicious. Gracias chicxs!!!"
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