Sandra Loofbourow

Beverage Director, Roaster/Buyer/Barista
Sandra Loofbourow


About Sandra Loofbourow

A Chilean coffee and tango expert.

My Venues


  • Q Certified through CQI
  • Matchbook Coffee Project featured roaster for May 2017

Behind the Scenes

Last week I won’t a Star Trek
"Last week I won’t a Star Trek trivia contest with an amazing crew - team name Q (Junior). This week, I reap the rewards @federationbrew"
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Brew experiments galore
"Brew experiments galore"
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Today, I made my coworkers
"Today, I made my coworkers taste 13 different types of simple syrups and take notes on them. I’ve never felt more diabolical."
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Christopher asked me out on a
"Christopher asked me out on a date to my favorite @ramenshopoakland and when we got there so many of my favorite people were there! Thank you for making this the best birthday ever and for making me cry happy happy tears 💜💜💜 @christophervictoria thank you especially for the delicious tres leches cake 🤤"
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If you're ever in Santiago...
"If you're ever in Santiago... make sure you stop by Dani's shop @mazaccone ! Jesus pulls amazing shots from Roasters & Co and the food is delicious. Gracias chicxs!!!"
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