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Steven Lim


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Award-winning latte art barista and engineer in food industry for over 13 years.

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  • World Latte Art Open Champion 2015

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Last post for a while! This
"Last post for a while! This family is packing up and moving out to Houston, Texas. It has been a very long thought process and discussion...but Angela and I felt strongly to raise Marley in a city rich with diversity and inclusivity. I'm sure there are those people that agree and disagree with that conclusion, and we respect that (but also statistics don't lie). Me, being Korean American, have been subject to physical and emotional racism my entire life. Some cities where I've lived in were worse than others, but I've become much stronger from facing that inherent hatred point on. The living statistics, in the end, did not match up to what my family has personally experienced in North Carolina. Maybe it's because we are an interracial couple. Maybe it's because Marley is an interracial child. Maybe it's because Angela's direct family was incredibly suppressing, and exposed a deep hatred for my kind (people of color) right when Angela was due (still incredibly enamored that Angela is the absolute polar opposite of them). Maybe it's because (with the exception of 2 or 3 businesses in Charlotte), Angela and I were kicked out of the coffee community. We leave happy, relieved, and also sad to be apart from the few we have drawn close to in North Carolina. Regardless of our experiences and pain, we still love you North Carolina, and wish you the best! -Steve, Angela, and Marley."
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My guy Howard
"My guy Howard (@#tuletta. Incredible opportunity! May see my face and pour in the near future. . .¯\_(ツ)_/¯ . . . . . . #rosetta"
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Last weekend was literally the
"Last weekend was literally the first time my guy @#herestomanymore 🙏🏾❤️🙏🏾❤️💋"
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That one weekend where
"That one weekend where @plusnobu !!!! You deserved that big ol' trophy with your tireless work in the coffee game! I believe you hold the most Coffee Fest Latte Art trophies ever."
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