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Dale Talde

New York City

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Dale Talde is a chef/co-owner of Talde, Atlantic Social, The Heights, and Massoni. A native of Chicago and raised by first-generation Filipino immigrants. As a “Top Chef” alumnus, he effortlessly blends the tastes, ingredients and nuances of Eastern and Western cuisines and techniques. The result is a menu that explores new, and at times unexpected, combinations of flavors.

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Dinner spread pan fried
"Dinner spread pan fried chicken, red beans with oxtails, summer corn rice, tomato salad, green beans in tomato sauce, dressed up box cornbread with honey and salt #babytalde with the i laws and @agneschung and @everesteatstheworld"
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Breakfast spread perfection
"Breakfast spread perfection @riceandgold. Bring. It. On."
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Smoked wings, herb marinated
"Smoked wings, herb marinated sword fish, calamari, tomato salsa, cucumber from the garden, and nectarines, shiso, blueberry and stone fruit pie(Agnes made it and it was glorious), corn, burgers, hot dogs."
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Babies get what babies want.
"Babies get what babies want. Check out my new shaved ice @riceandgold. It’s pregnant wife approved."
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Help me and my chefs
"Help me and my chefs @riceandgold make delicious things like this! We are Looking for passionate, fun, hard working line cooks, sous chefs, prep cooks, porters email me dtalde@gmail.com or DM"
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