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Anthony Sasso is the chef for La Sirena Ristorante. He was born to an incredible gastronomic heritage, but it didn’t really start hitting him until his 20s. After graduating from college in New York City, he began taking trips to his family’s small village in Catalunya, Spain. The visits must have had a deeper impact than he expected, because once he returned to the States, he enrolled in the Institute of Culinary Education.


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"If I'm gonna import ham, it's gotta come from Spain. So if we're gonna serve prosciutto, might as well be American. And Cesare's inaugural batch is yumbang #casellas"
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"I rolled pici for hours this morning with Olivia, then turned the chubbiest of those skinny jump ropes into cavatelli. The scraps became trofi, and I'm still mad that some of them little square duds ended up in the pan anyway (top right corner chefs) #born #again #italian"
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"Lover's leftovers. American caviar + tonnarelli + meyer lemon burro butter #menageatrois (thats Italian for "sex on a platter") #ATCQ"
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"Jamón, i've been hooked since the first bocado. With that fatty rump and them skinny legs and your pointy black toes xoxo #viva #espana"
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"pata negra"
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