Emily Salko

Bartender, Beverage Director, Sommelier
Emily Salko


About Emily Salko

Emily got her start in the restaurant business at age five, rolling cheese balls at her parents’ small town diner in Carbondale, Pennsylvania. After honing her front and back of the house skills working in her family’s Italian fine dining restaurant throughout her teen years, Emily got her BA in Education, but soon realized that the restaurant life was her true passion. She moved cross country to Portland on a whim, where she tended bar at local favorites Jake’s Grill, Lucy’s Table, and Veritable Quandary, before leaving to lead the bar program at Olympia Provisions SE, where she is also the general manager and restaurant's Sommelier, certified through the Court of Masters.

Where I Go Out

At My Venues

Rotisserie chicken
Modern European, Downtown
"Chicken churning on a rotisserie—it’s totally worth the anticipation when you’re rewarded with it carved on your plate. We have a rotisserie at our restaurant, but when I need a meal elsewhere but close, I head down to our neighbors at Olympic Provisions. This yard bird is juicy, moist, and crispy. When you leave, take home some of their housemade foot-long hot dogs."