Frank Kinyon

Frank Kinyon


About Frank Kinyon

Frank has been a sommelier and floor manager at in Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia since November 2018. In 2017, he became an ambassador of Chianti Classico after a one week intensive boot camp in the region with B&B Hospitality Group's Beverage Director Jeff Porter. Frank is also a certified sommelier through the WSET program.


  • Certified Sommelier WSET
  • Wine Spectator One Glass 2016
  • Wine Spectator Two Glasses 2017

At My Venues

Porchetta tonnata
$$$, Full Bar, Italian, Spring Garden
"They serve thinly sliced ribbons of pork over tonnata, which is one of my favorite condiments to make and eat. It's essentially tuna sauce: tonnata is a mayo made by emulsifying cured and confit tuna with olive oil. Then add some crispy slices of celery and a salty bite of Parmigiano and I'm good to go."
Chicken liver rigatoni
$$$, Full Bar, Italian, Spring Garden
"Chicken livers, sweet cipollini onions, sage, and perfectly cooked rigatoni—what more could you ask for? It’s my favorite thing to eat at a bar and a great pairing for wine."