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Jess' first high school job was in the dish pit of an Ashland Panini Cafe where she worked to save money for her first trip to Europe. Since then - between university studies and bouts of travel - Jess has worked in restaurants in a variety of capacities from prep cook to busser, server, bartender, sommelier, and general manager. After almost 8 years with Olympia Provisions, Jess not only oversee's the daily operations of the OP restaurants, but with the help of the fabulous staff, she curates the OP wine programs as well. She has studied wine formally and is a certified sommelier, receiving the top grade in her class. She has a solid foundation of global wine regions, styles, and wine making practices, and is an adamant supporter of small production, minimal intervention wines. When not at OP, you'll likely find her gardening with her two dogs, making yard wine, or learning to weave.

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Insane wine, delicious dinner.
"Insane wine, delicious dinner."
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In case you didn’t know, now
"In case you didn’t know, now you know. If you find this on a shelf, buy it. #lifesabeach"
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Simply magic
"Simply magic"
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2016 pet nat courtesy of yours
"2016 pet nat courtesy of yours truly. And it’s actually delicious. Wtf? #imadethat"
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