Bryant Ng

Bryant Ng

Los Angeles

About Bryant Ng

Bryant Ng is the chef/co-owner of Cassia. His parents owned a restaurant in Los Angeles. So did his grandparents. He grew up in the kitchen, peeling shrimp and washing dishes. And he loved it.

My Venues

  • Cassia
    1314 7th St
    Santa Monica, CA


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Where I Go Out

Behind the Scenes

Minced squab & duck, Bibb
"Minced squab & duck, Bibb lettuce, fresh water chestnuts, young soybeans, preserved turnips, mushrooms, plum-hoisin sauce. @bnchef"
Dry-aged ribeye rubbed with
"Dry-aged ribeye rubbed with anchovy salt from Red boat fish sauce = pure umami goodness. The anchovy salt brings out the beefiness. No need to eat cow meat any other way. Served with baked shallot & laksa leaf b351arnaise."
@bnchef: There's chili crab &
"@bnchef: There's chili crab & black pepper crab...and then there's white pepper crab. Twice in 1 wk. JB Ah Meng in Singapore."
Pass the mic! At the World
"Pass the mic! At the World Street Food Congress in Singapore."
Aw shit! Soft-shell crab
"Aw shit! Soft-shell crab season again. Singaporean Chili Soft-Shell Crab."
@bnchef: White Anchovies
"@bnchef: White Anchovies (chile oil, garlic, pickled ginger, preserved mustard stems)"

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