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Taco vibes 🌮
"Taco vibes 🌮"
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Our garden greens @reevewines
"Our garden greens @reevewines are taking off. Tasty things too."
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Last night we were honored to
"Last night we were honored to host a dinner for winemakers from Savoie and Beaujolais. Here Brice Omont from Domaine des Ardoisières is speaking about the unique Alpine terroir from which his wines hail. We love hosting these mini-cultural exchanges to keep our creative tank full, properly calibrate our minds, and inspire what we do. The wines were stunning and the food perfectly captured the California spirit. Felt like a nice summer evening to boot. @reevewines"
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Look what arrived today
"Look what arrived today 👀 Custom made oven from our friends at @mugnainiovens Let’s get it fired up!"
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