Will Benedetto

Will Benedetto


About Will Benedetto

Classically-trained musician turned bar-trained booze enthusiast.

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  • Nashville Eater Reader's Choice Best New Beverage Program
  • Winner of Sipsmith Nashville Competition
  • Winner of Gra'it Grappa Nationals
  • Finalist at Tasting Panels Dining With the Duke

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Behind the Scenes

Trying to decide if I should
"Trying to decide if I should drink this mojito or chug this mojito. 📷 @jennamurray"
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Coupes and Nick and Nora’s are
"Coupes and Nick and Nora’s are beautiful but there’s something almost nostalgic about a martini glass. Especially when it’s filled with something awesome like the Manhattan No.99 featuring Jack Daniels Rye, Amaro Montenegro, and Amontillado Sherry. This is just one of a menu full of new cocktails at @parkavetavern. 📷 @jennamurray"
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If your gonna pour scotch it
"If your gonna pour scotch it might as well be @benriach 25 and if you’re gonna pour scotch in older than most of your bar team you might as well pour a dram for everyone. 📷: @apinetree"
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Brown butter stone fruit
"Brown butter stone fruit toddy: •Brown Butter washed @georgedickel •salted fig honey •lemon 📷: @jennamurray"
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