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Austin started young in the restaurant world. He worked up through FOH and BOH at reputable restaurants in Cincinnati, and found himself interested more in the steps of service, beverage, and management. At the age of 16, little Ferrari started tasting, reading, and studying more about wine and viticulture, which led him to join the team at the iconic Chez Panisse Restaurant in Berkeley. during his years at Chez Panisse Restaurant, Austin acquired his associates in business at the city college of Berkeley, traveled to Europe multiple times to study wine, its origins, and the production. While leading the beverage program at Hillside Supper Club, he acquired his sommelier certification through the court of Master sommeliers. Austin opened Provender Coffee & Food in 2015 and is currently expanding in Cincinnati, where he is opening Ferrari Barber & Coffee Co. and Mom 'N 'Em Coffee. While running all the outposts, Austin also overseas all the operations and growth for the Ferrari Bros brand.

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Today I want to give a very
"Today I want to give a very happy birthday to one of my very good friends and one hell of a wizard when it comes to anything wine related! My good buddy @jeremyshanker This is a picture of when we first met a few years ago partying, provided by @dankay #towerofmeursault"
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Wine shot.
"Wine shot."
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Some of the best home cooking,
"Some of the best home cooking, conversation and company. Thanks SB!"
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Super happy to do what I do on
"Super happy to do what I do on a daily basis. Thanks to everyone that supports what we do @provendercoffee"
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