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  • Phoenix New Times 'Best Bartender'

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Set backs. Sometimes you’ve
"Set backs. Sometimes you’ve got a plan. Sometimes life says fuck your plan, and you scramble for a little bit trying to figure out what the hell just happened. Sometimes you don’t realize it until afterwards, but those times are gonna teach you more about yourself than the times when you’re thriving. It’s good to suffer. This picture is from a competition I competed in a few months ago. I lost in the very first round, I didn’t get the vote from a single judge to move forward. I learned more from that than anything I’ve ever won. Thank you everyone who’s stuck by me through the past few months. Anyone who’s let me borrow their ear to vent, who’s sent words of encouragement, or who’ve sat down and told me to pull it the fuck together. I appreciate it more than I can express through this stupid cell phone screen."
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A little look back on a
"A little look back on a project I was a part of alongside @thecleverroot. We took strains out of the Huxton portfolio, and I designed cocktails to compliment the distinct flavors in each of their different strains. Such a unique and creative project, thank you so much for including me in this. Can’t wait to do it again."
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A little throwback to last
"A little throwback to last year. Reminiscing on my trip to London, and that time my guy @nirvanafoodandwine in April."
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In February it will be 3 years
"In February it will be 3 years since we opened Counter Intuitive. To say that being a part of this project has been anything other than completely life changing would be a lie. But I recently found myself looking for a new challenge, and a new opportunity for growth. With that being said, this weekend will be my last behind the bar at Counter Intuitive. I will go into more detail about what my next venture is later. But right now, I would just love to host all of you at CI one last time. This wasn’t an easy decision, and I wish nothing but the best for the team moving forward and also the rest of the Barter & Shake organization. Thursday-Saturday. One last hoorah. I’ll see you there friends."
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Couple of things:
CI will now
"Couple of things: CI will now be open on Sunday’s from 6-12. I know right? Like, oh my god Sunday Funday. We got you covered. We remodeled. It’s pretty tight. We’ve got a new menu full of tasty new drinks for ya. Ignore my double chin, I’m a dad now. It’s allowed."
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Pretty excited for this menu
"Pretty excited for this menu drop at the end of the month. Gnome sayin? 📷: @apartment_bartender"
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