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Tommy Vandervort


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Tommy Vandervort, founder and co-owner, took a circuitous path to Enlightened. He’s worn a lot of hats: philosopher, Alderman, Americorps member, and he’s done everything possible in the service industry. It was through his time at various restaurants that he fell in love with American and Belgian styles of craft beer. One Christmas, his parents left him a homebrew kit under the tree, and he connected his love of drinking beer with a love of making it. He made a lot of friends in the Milwaukee craft beer scene, and in January of 2013 he decided to take the plunge and found the brewery you’ve come to know as Enlightened Brewing Company. He laid the groundwork and soon compelled his friend James Larson to come on as Head Brewer.

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Here’s to everyone in our
"Here’s to everyone in our amazing industry and particularly @#industrybook"
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We are happy to report that
"We are happy to report that table beer and the human condition bottles are still around. Although they have been put on the secret menu! Come down and ask for one! #drinkitdownenlightenup"
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We now have table beer and the
"We now have table beer and the human condition available in bottles for here or to go. Supply is limited so get here and drink or take! #enlightenedbeer"
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Harvest moon tonight, harvest
"Harvest moon tonight, harvest ale on tap tonight, get down here for Jesse Walkers Hitch. #drinkbrewcity"
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