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We have an obvious and delicious priority – beer. Our goal is to put top-notch brew in your glass while putting you in a friendly and fun atmosphere. Appleton Beer Factory beers are crafted to deliver what is so often missing from many beers on the market today – balance. This balance was struck from passionate experimentation by knowledgeable brewers who have focused on respecting the ingredients they use and the people they serve.

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Mini-mile with Kyle Megna &
"Mini-mile with Kyle Megna & The Monsoons ! Great times and great beer!"
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This is going to be one tasty
"This is going to be one tasty beer!!! The beer builders are transferring an American Chocolate Stout into Rye Whiskey Barrels that use to have maple syrup in them, dang that sounds yummy! Stay tuned for more exciting beer in our Pilot, Prototype and Zusammen Barrel series!"
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Check this out!!! The Beer
"Check this out!!! The Beer Builders at ABF built a Water Tower "hot liquor tank" for our new pilot series brew system. How many craft breweries have their own Water tower??? Cheers! The Beer Builders"
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Bartender Jess loves two
"Bartender Jess loves two things: ABF beer & the Packers! Go Pack Go!"
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How do you bring your growler
"How do you bring your growler home? Remember, safety first! #beersafety Disclaimer: transportation laws for growlers vary by state & municipality. General rule is to transport your growler in the trunk"
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