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Strawberry, sorrel,
"Strawberry, sorrel, nasturtium, marcona almond, and peppermint salad with burrata. Now on the menu. . . #seattleeats"
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Sage blossoms. Of all edible
"Sage blossoms. Of all edible flowers I grow, these are my favorite. They have a delicate sweetness combined with a gentle sage fragrance and flavor. They only bloom for about 2 weeks this time of year. Harvest them in the cool of the day and gently pull the flowers from the calyx. When you plant sage, be sure to buy ordinary garden sage-this is the type that will bloom abundantly. If you buy a start and plant it in the spring, it will bloom the following year. After the blooms fade, cut the stems back drastically, but not below where there are leaves. This will cause the plant to bush out and provide a healthy crop of sage leaves for the rest of the season. My favorite dish to sprinkle them on is fresh pasta with browned sage butter and peas. . . . #kitchengarden"
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This is borage. It symbolizes
"This is borage. It symbolizes courage. I don’t know why I take such delight in this herb. It has almost no scent, a mild cucumber flavor, and the leaves have a rough texture and coarse habit. It must be the color - such a deep clear blue it reaches into the happy place in my psyche. And I love the form of the clusters of buds and blossoms, covered with hairs that catch the light. When you harvest the flowers, pinch the black “nose” and gently tug them loose from the calyx. They’ll keep best floating in a bowl of water. We sprinkle them on salads or toss them on other dishes to cheer them up. You can also cook the leaves, which is why it is considered a potherb. The plants grow really fast, bloom like crazy, then just as fast they die back , but not before spreading seeds that will begin a new crop wherever they can. . . #urbanherbgarden"
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We have a new menu! In
"We have a new menu! In addition to our thali, we now have large plates, like traditional entrees. Here is our beef short rib braised with lemongrass and lime leaf, with burdock ribbons, pickled daikon, and coconut black rice. . . . #seattlerestaurants"
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