Aaron Polsky

Bartender, Beverage Manager
Aaron Polsky

Los Angeles

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Aaron Polsky is known for progressive and creative cocktail programs that demonstrate a reverence for the classics while showing an affinity for the modern. He began his career in hospitality in New York City at the age of 18 working for the likes of Thomas Keller at Bouchon Bakery, as a host at the acclaimed Milk & Honey, finally landing at White Star where he began to train behind the bar with renowned barman and mentor, Sasha Petraske. A regular guest at bars such as PDT and Death and Co. where the quality of drinks, innovation, and hospitality provided constant inspiration, Polsky was motivated to hone his own bar skills. He departed White Star for stints at Eleven Madison Park, Boom Boom Room, Neta, and Amor y Amargo where he built and maintained a loyal following. Concurrently, Polsky and colleague, Damon Boelte, collaborated on “Cripple Creek,” a dynamic and interactive cocktail performance that used coordinated lighting and music to create a flight of drinks for all those in attendance. With this comprehensive approach to cocktails, Polsky's next step was as beverage director for Project Group’s Mulberry Project and Greenwich Project, focusing on innovative methods of infusing flavor into drinks such as “ethanol vapor aromatization” to create a singular and original spirit from vodka and botanicals, and tailoring his cocktails to complement food menus. Now in Los Angeles, Polsky heads the bar at Houston Hospitality’s Harvard & Stone. Here he creates eclectic, elevated, yet unpretentious cocktails to match the soul and grit of the East Hollywood rock n’ roll bar - an industry favorite and destination hangout where Polsky and his bar team are just as happy to serve balanced, craft cocktails as they are a shot and beer. Harvard & Stone is five-time Spirited Award nominee, and is consistently recognized as one of the best bars in the city by industry and media alike.

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"Wait what? R&D 930-2am"
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I think @ebenfreeman
"I think @ebenfreeman accidentally typed my American Bartender of the Year nomination into his status update. But, seriously, fuck me, that’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about me. 👉 for a better idea of what he means"
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If you’ve been to Harvard,
"If you’ve been to Harvard, chances are you’ve tried or seen the Baby’s First Bourbon. It’s been on the menu since we’ve opened. Recently we decided to upgrade our orgeat a bit. We’ve switched to making it in-house with Marcona almonds and organic bitter almond extract (rather than using real bitter almonds that can kill you if you snack on them 😱). They’re the richest, sweetest, fattiest almond, so we figured they must make the best orgeat. Turns out, they do. 👼’s First Bourbon . Wild Turkey Bourbon or Seedlip Spice for N/A . Marcona Almond Orgeat . Lemon . Angostura Bitters"
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Spumoni Rising 🍡
@dewars 12
"Spumoni Rising 🍡 . @seedlipdrinks Spice for n/a . Pistachio Cream . @templecoffee Cascara Syrup . Grated Oaxacan Chocolate . When @geeawwnuh decided she wanted to interpret a Spumoni dessert in her new cocktail, we came up with a pistachio cream, and cherries channeled via cascara, the fruit of the coffee cherry, as well as through the best use of a luxardo cherry ever. To hold the pistachio oil stable, we used a bit of liquid sunflower lecithin. 0.8-1% of the heavy cream + oil weight, blended—this is easily one of my favorite drinks on our new menu. . . . . . #foodscience"
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Wow guys.  After a much-needed
"Wow guys. After a much-needed day of turning my brain completely off, I’m excited to share that we as a community raised over $8k for Mexico and Puerto Rico. Thanks to @stevenksue. Let’s please continue to get together and help when different parts of the world need it 🙌 @houstonhospitality"
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