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Born and raised in Louisiana, Laura’s roots are in southern hospitality. While pursuing a degree in writing in Chattanooga, she took a job as a hostess, fell in love with the industry and quickly worked her way up to bartender. It was there, under the guidance of her mentors, that she found her passion in the world of classic and craft cocktails. With a dream in sight, Laura uprooted her life to move to the talent-filled city of Chicago. She quickly made a name for herself by competing in SpeedRack Chicago and the Diageo World Class Regional and National Finals. She continues to work hand-in-hand with Tales of the Cocktail as a returning cocktail apprentice. Laura was named head bartender at Bad Hunter, which was in turn named one of Imbibe's 75 Places to Watch 2017. She is currently the GM Sportman’s Club, a bar staffed by the most recognizable names in the Chicago cocktail scene. When it comes down to it, she just loves making cocktails and creating a happy place for her guests to drink.

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Maybe the second
"Maybe the second creepiest/best gift I’ve ever received (next to a muppet of myself). Thanks @drinkandgather ‘til 10pm or so. 🐿"
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Inventory day got me like... I
"Inventory day got me like... I don’t have X but I do have something comparable?"
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As if I needed another reason
"As if I needed another reason to love this place. Thank you for being you. 🖤"
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Idk who is running this show,
"Idk who is running this show, but someone let me and Brandon behind the bar together again. 🍻#hammpion"
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Poolside office hours before
"Poolside office hours before heading home. Just missing @flashdancenance (and one more beverage)."
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