Jan Warren

Bartender, Beverage Director, Mixologist
Jan Warren

New York

About Jan Warren

Jan Warren is a veteran New York bartender. Raised in the Bronx. Warren has worked behind the bar at some of New York’s most lauded cocktail dens: Fresh Kills, Dutch Kills, Pegu Club, and PKNY. A man of many talents, Warren also spent a number of years in the culinary world, working in the kitchens of several of the city’s finest restaurants, thereby refining and informing his appreciation for excellence in ingredients and technique behind the bar.

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#lunch cold soba, black
"#lunch cold soba, black garlic, tahini, soy, black vinegar, mirin, lemon, three-year pickled rocoto peppers and ginger, some of that same pickling liquid, cucumber, spring onion. . . . . . . #bowlofnoodles"
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Oaxacan country kitchen
"Oaxacan country kitchen storage. . . #mexico"
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