Simon Lowry

Simon Lowry


About Simon Lowry

Simon Lowry grew up in Paris, France, in a Franco-American household. He is a self-declared seafood, wine and techno geek. Simon believes in the power of food & wine as a cultural foundation for transmission of identity and as a medium for cultural exchange. He dreams and thinks of wine every waking minute.

At My Venues

Mexican chocolate cake, coffee-mallow mousse and toasted cinnamon-kissed meringue
$$, Reservations, Wine Bar, American, Seafood, Boise
"Happy first year of awesomeness @olympiaoysterbar! I am so happy to have you in the neighborhood. Mexican chocolate cake, coffee mallow mousse, toasted cinnamon kissed meringue, chocolate everything. Also, there was a coconut passion fruit cake, but it's all gone. It's super gratifying to see something you make disappear into happy bellies. I guess that's why we do what we do. Food is love. ❤️"