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Excuse me while I enjoy this
"Excuse me while I enjoy this stupidly delicious Old Fashioned. Big thanks to @cobartenderguild learn about whiskey blending. This 12 year old rye aged in Madeira, Sauternes & Port barrels worked perfectly with the Whistle Pig barrel aged maple syrup (shoutout VT) and some BK Black Mission Fig Bitters. My tastebuds are very pleased. 🥃 . . . . #womenwhodrinkwhiskey"
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I’m making stir fry for dinner
"I’m making stir fry for dinner so I grabbed my favorite little yellow can to sip on. The chart on the back always makes me laugh for some reason. 🍶 . . . kikusui_sake_co"
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So I did this thing, finally.
"So I did this thing, finally. I figured a Flip was a good place to start on the ridiculous scale of in flight cocktail making. Shoutout to the TSA agent for being chill with my egg and also to the bartender at Chop House DIA for lending me some simple. This cocktail actually turned out really delicious. 2 oz @jackdaniels_us Single Barrel Bourbon .5 oz @1821bitters Black Currant & Cocoa Tincture .25 oz @luxardoofficial (batched into the bitters bottle preflight) .5 oz Simple Syrup 1 Whole Egg🥚 . . . . #cocktailsonaplane 🥃"
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Brandon gave me this for
"Brandon gave me this for breakfast and this is just one reason why I am madly in love. 😍🍫 . . . . dicktaylorchocolate"
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Shout out to my fantastically
"Shout out to my fantastically patient and understanding man for coming through with the dope juice when I needed it most. He just gets me. 🍷😍 . . . . colonbowel"
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Last night @colonbowel and I
"Last night @deathsdoorspirits White Whisky and my heart almost burst with love and gratefulness. 💕 . . . . #boots"
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