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Loving this new Duck Breast
"Loving this new Duck Breast entree tonight. Roasted Duck Breast | Braised Duck Tamale | Chipotle Black Bean Sauce | Tomatillo."
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Happy 🍀 Day, everyone. Be
"Happy 🍀 Day, everyone. Be safe!"
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Brunch boys!
Sorry @dakocab,
"Brunch boys! . Sorry @dakocab, we out here."
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Treating ourselves to this
"Treating ourselves to this bottle with dinner tonight. Single Vineyard '04 Barbaresco from Punset. 🍷"
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Mushroom agnolotti! Served
"Mushroom agnolotti! Served with some wilted greens, shallots, and shredded chicken. Topped with reggiano. . .The first round I tried turned out horrible and couldn't be salvaged. The second round was decent, but by the final batch I think I got it down! This was my first attempt at a stuffed pasta and I learned a ton...mostly by making mistakes. Leighton says it's delicious so that counts for something. 👍"
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