Shane Matthews

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  • The Snug
    2301 Fillmore St
    San Francisco, CA

Behind the Scenes

black truffle season is over,
"black truffle season is over, so our truffle fritters are no more. but these might be even better: green garlic fritters, white cheddar, peas, horseradish"
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there's no better or boozier
"there's no better or boozier way to get your weekend going than an ultima palabra on nitro: mezcal, green chartreuse, maraschino, lime. also, jacob's in greece. we miss him."
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captain Shane would like you
"captain Shane would like you to know that if you missed it this weekend, Pineapple Boat has not set sail quite yet. we are so stoked to get to pour @temescalbeer here, and their Boat series of pale ales has been some of the most popular beer we’ve served. so come grab a pint — you won’t find it anywhere else in SF"
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trotter sausage with perilla
"trotter sausage with perilla mustard, ham hock "ketchup" and shiso relish. it's hefty. it's flavorful. it's not for everybody, but that's how we like it."
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spam. it's what's for dinner.
"spam. it's what's for dinner."
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new on the menu: house-made
"new on the menu: house-made tagliatelle, lamb meatball, eggplant, and ricotta salata. just like your momma used to make it. if your momma was a chef and you had a pasta extruder in your house."
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