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  • Nominee for Best Chef: Mid-Atlantic
    James Beard Foundation
  • 3-Bell Review (Tashan)
    Philadelphia Inquirer
  • 10 Best Dishes (Tashan)
    Philadelphia City Paper

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Behind the Scenes

White asparagus.  Ethiopian
"White asparagus. Ethiopian Berbere Spice , micro rainbow mix , red pepper coulis . #micros"
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Triple smoke Pork belly “griot
"Triple smoke Pork belly “griot A Pikliz” serve with Island Slaw . An homage to a dish i used to have as a kid all the time in Haiti 🇭🇹 . . . @departuredenver . . . . . . #islandcooking"
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Scooby-snack  for kitchen
"Scooby-snack for kitchen staff here @#Haitian dinner Tasting with mom . @#tasting menu"
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Softshell crabs jumbos
"Softshell crabs jumbos seafood special @ Maison 208 . Limited . . . . . . #alive"
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