Simeon Bricker

Beverage Director, Brewer, Producer
Simeon Bricker

Kansas City

About Simeon Bricker

With 7 years of experience in specialty coffee, Simeon is working to bring quality coffee to the Strawberry Hill neighborhood in Kansas City, KS.

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  • 2014 U.S. Latte Art Champion
  • 2015 USLAC Runner Up

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Behind the Scenes

Please enjoy!
"Please enjoy!"
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Colors from flavor pairings we
"Colors from flavor pairings we tried during our oddly for being awesome in general and working with me on this. Excited to share this journey with everybody. Stay tuned...or don’t."
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Storms rolling in
"Storms rolling in"
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Picked my coffee, dialed in
"Picked my coffee, dialed in that coffee, will serve that coffee soon. Busy morning..."
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