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Beau du Bois, the creative force behind Kinetescape’s (Clifton’s Republic and The Edison Los Angeles) immersive nightlife operations and beverage programs looks to his surroundings, including pop culture and classic literature, to bring a sense of nostalgia and identity to the historic nightlife venues. He sees his craft as a means to share rich heritages and enjoy a world of celebration. Through the careful creation of recipes, names, and presentations, du Bois’ cocktails transcend time and give life to the storied Downtown Los Angeles bars. The Indiana native first fell in love with bartending in college before venturing to Los Angeles to explore the burgeoning cocktail scene. In the City of Angels, he made a name for himself at The Corner Door in Culver City where he brought to life acclaimed, themed cocktail menus. Joining Kinetescape as cocktail ambassador in late 2017, the award-winning mixologist—named Eater Los Angeles’ “Bartender of the Year” and The Daily Meal’s 12th “Best Bartenders in America” in 2014 as well as Zagat’s “30 Under 30” in 2013—elevates the beverage program with thoughtful, balanced cocktails that complement the design and entertainment offered at Clifton’s Republic and The Edison. When not behind the bar, du Bois enjoys spending time with his puppy, Slurpee, as well as riding his motorcycle.

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  • Eater Los Angeles’ “Bartender of the Year”
  • The Daily Meal’s 12th “Best Bartenders in America” 2014
  • Zagat’s “30 Under 30” 2013

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A look back at the magical
"A look back at the magical “Drink Me Bar” from the Through the Looking Glass Valentine’s Day at @acocktailoftwocities"
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Disney Magic R&D...
"Disney Magic R&D... • WATER PUZZLE-Vodka, Green Tea, Pineapple, Lime, Orgeat, Blue Curacao paired with Cherry Blossom Vapor🍒🌺 #bicoastalbartender"
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Well, last night was fun😏.
"Well, last night was fun😏. Here’s yours truly previewing some of what’s in store for @acocktailoftwocities • SMOKE BREAK: Bourbon, Amontillado Sherry, Raisin Vermouth, Salted Maple, Chocolate & Rosemary Bitters, Finished with a Pipe Tobacco-infused Scotch Manhattan Cloud"
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