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Matt started off at Honeycut working prep as a barback, then trained under Dave Fernie and Mary Bartlett as a bartender then bar manager. He is now Honeycut's AGM. When he's not working on bar stuff he's playing saxophone for Dream Machines, playing bagpipes on his own or drinking mezcal and pilsner somewhere downtown. He's interested in finding ways to reduce waste in the industry.  Something that'll be a significant part of the 213 commissary he and Dave Fernie are currently developing, which will eventually supply all the 213 bars with juices, syrups etc.  When he first moved from Atlanta after college to build furniture with his brother, he didn't know anyone out here.  His favorite part of the industry would definitely be how it became a surrogate family for him once he started at Honeycut.  Even before he was in the industry, he was embraced by it at spots like Spring St. Bar and Seven Grand. "The industry is just full of good folks. Downtown and the downtown bar community is very much where I feel at home now and I love that I can walk around and see industry people I know everywhere I go, and that I'll know someone's name and someone will know mine in the majority of bars where I go."

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We're gerting ready!! Are
"We're gerting ready!! Are you?? Doors at 8, early arrival suggested if you want to be close enough to get your face touched. @_dream_machines_ leggooooo! Git yer dayum tickets!"
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The mothership has landed.
"The mothership has landed. Welcome to Honeycut"
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The other day I made an
"The other day I made an amazing tequila cognac fort. Today I make amazing music with @_dream_machines_ @bootlegtheater, good times. Doors at 830 we ride at 9"
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How to lose a hangover in 30
"How to lose a hangover in 30 minutes"
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We want YOU to come drink at
"We want YOU to come drink at the Honeycut with us tonight!"
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