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Andrew Smith


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Andrew is the head chef at Rockmill Tavern in Columbus.

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House smoked salmon, buckwheat
"House smoked salmon, buckwheat “saltine”, sweet onion, @lvcreamery cloverton. Starting tonight."
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Tempura softshell 🦀, green
"Tempura softshell 🦀, green tomato curry, new potato, flowers and herbs from the patio."
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Blanket Carbonara from the
"Blanket Carbonara from the pass; ricotta salata, bread crumbs, 🍋"
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Another shot of our burrata;
"Another shot of our burrata; honey roasted Munich malt, caramelized onion vinegar, oil verde"
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That green kind.
"That green kind."
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Monkfish, celery root cooked
"Monkfish, celery root cooked in chicken demi, sherlihon, bronze anise."
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