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Carter has consistently had a creative side as he grew up, whether sketching, painting or writing short stories. Four years into his time at Appalachian State University and three changes in academic major, the only consistent thing was his time working in Boone area restaurants after classes and on weekends. This is where he felt he could tap into his creativity and imagine, design, build new flavor combinations and dishes. And he found he’d rather spend his time learning about food and cooking. “Interestingly, I found my true passion at App State – as my parents always encouraged me to do when I left for college – but App didn’t offer a culinary degree,” Carter said. So, similar to Shorty’s journey, Carter left school to devote his energy to cooking full time in kitchens at the Green Park Inn and Storie Street Grille in Blowing Rock, as well as the popular restaurant Proper in Boone. Working his way up from prep and grill, to ordering and working with local farmers on selecting produce and proteins, Carter quickly moved up in responsibility but his passion has always been in creating. “I love the process of creating a meal or special from scratch, from starting with seasonally available ingredients and thinking through the whole prep process and then plating everything in a beautiful way really gets me going. Many people in the food industry despise this strenuous process but I saw a certain elegance to it that drew my attention. I was surrounded by people who saw food differently and appreciated the art of cooking and being able to create a simple art piece each day that you get to eat is pretty neat to me.”

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Don't forget to get your
"Don't forget to get your tickets to our first pop-up dinner of the summer at @ambrozia_avl next Monday, April 23rd!! "Dinner with Shorty" will be a made from scratch 7-course traditional Thai dinner experience prepared by two of of our chefs: Chef Erica Imhoff (Shorty) and Chef Carter James. We are currently working on the Massaman Curry sauce for the quail (seen above)! The link to get tickets is in our bio. We are so excited to feed you 🤗🤗🤗"
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This has been a
"ASHEVILLE, This has been a brutal few months trying to keep this a secret but we were selected to be featured on the @cookingchannel show Cheap Eats with host Ali Khan! We were obviously beyond excited to be chosen as the lunch option in Asheville, but we were even more honored to share the episode with a few staples of Asheville - @homegrownavl , @luellasbbq, and @holedoughnuts ! Our episode will be airing live on the Cooking Channel at 10pm on Wednesday April 11th! We hope you can catch the show and see a rare glimpse of Shorty in action 🙊♥️ Lastly, we want to extend a HUGE shoutout to our family over at @newbelgium_avl for letting us film our segment there! We love this city. - Carter, Shorty, Kyle & Matt"
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"PEOPLE OF ASHEVILLE! Thank you so much for voting us as the People's Choice best food truck at the 2018 Asheville Food Truck Showdown. We couldn't ask for a higher honor because at the end of the day - we cook for the people. This means the world to us. -Shorty and the Bun Boys"
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We had an amazing time
"We had an amazing time stepping out of our normal realm and catering for a retreat of brilliant young entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business owners this weekend. Feeding people is what we do and putting our own creative spins on traditional dishes is our passion. We appreciate the opportunity to put our skills to the test this weekend and enjoyed learning from each and every one of you. See you gents next year!"
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New prep list this
"New prep list this weekend...We have some big news for you next week, Asheville!!! Have a great holiday and stay tuned friends 😉📺😉"
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Well SOMEBODY is excited it
"Well SOMEBODY is excited it finally feels like Fall in Asheville! Come warm those buns with some of Shorty's signature curry bowls at @newbelgium_avl !"
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