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Connor Duncan

San Diego

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Bartender of 10 years currently representing Cucina Urbana with the Urban Kitchen Group. Featured barman on Travel Channel's Food Paradise, on multiple local news spots with CBS, and on promotions with Vitamix.

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Today's bar whim at Cucina
"Today's bar whim at Cucina Urbana @cucinarestaurants in conjunction with champagne month - FUEGOSA - a Passion/Dragon fruit mimosa topped off with a few drops of cranberry peach balsamic"
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Look out! Shot with
"Look out! Shot with @travelchannel #foodparadise on Monday highlighting farm to table! So much fun and made a killer cocktail - @cucinarestaurants Basil Pisco Sour! Local basil, house made lemon and thyme (home grown) simple syrup, house made spiced white peach bitters!"
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2 oz Bourbon
"PAC MAN-HATTAN 2 oz Bourbon 1 oz Contratto Americano Rosso 1 muddled fresh cherry (northwestern) 1/4 oz lemon 1/4 oz honey h2o Lemon zest Pac man-eating-a-cherry garnish Shake - pour - enjoy - repeat until all lives are exhausted @cucinarestaurants #Manhattanoftheday #barwhim"
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Good Ol' Thyme Fashioned
"Good Ol' Thyme Fashioned Fresh thyme Thyme Tea Simple 50/50 Bourbon and Rye Demerara cube muddled with thyme & peach bitters Stir, pour, enjoy. @cucinarestaurants #oldfashioned"
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