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A nationally-acclaimed sommelier and beverage enthusiast, Eduardo Porto Carreiro joins Ford Fry Restaurants as the beverage director for JCT Kitchen, the Optimist, Marcel, BeetleCat, King + Duke and St. Cecilia with over 12 years of rich wine and spirits experience. Porto Carreiro is a lauded sommelier, featured as one of Food & Wine magazine’s 2016 “Sommeliers of the Year,” and under his discerning leadership, was awarded “Best Wine List” in 2015, for a New York City restaurant.


  • "Sommeliers of the Year" 2016, "Best Wine List" 2015
    Food & Wine Magazine

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"Perfect day for a roundtable Grüner Veltliner discussion! Thank you to all the distributors who provided samples. And thank you to all the Ford Fry team members that participated!"
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"I love honest wines."
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"If you can’t be at @lapaulee tonight, you might as well be raising a glass with folks who get it. #oui"
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"A lot to be thankful for..."
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"Old Champagne & Wasabi Peas. Yes."
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"I bought this bottle fifteen years ago when I was a 21-year-old wine clerk at the venerable Greenblatt’s Deli & Fine Wine Shop on Sunset Blvd. A lot has changed since then. What hasn’t changed: how much I love Syrah. Thank goodness for cold cellars and great bottles. This is feral and delicious and a perfect #SnowDay wine!"
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