Bryn Hagman

Beverage Director, Beverage Manager, Sommelier
Bryn Hagman


About Bryn Hagman

Bryn originally hails from North Carolina. Having first moved to New York to pursue a career in Opera - she quickly landed in the hospitality realm and traded music for the far superior fun and accessible creativity the restaurant and beverage industry had to offer. Here, she found her truest passions: wine + service - and the subsequent curation of experiences for guests. While she first cut her teeth at the classic Cafe Luxembourg, she has since proudly worked (under many titles) with Gabe Stulman, Stephen Starr, and Andrew Carmellini. Most recently, she was the Beverage Manager at The Dutch, then moved on to open the celebrated Chez Ma Tante in Greenpoint performing as the one-woman GM & Beverage Director. For now she is traveling and preparing to open a large brewpub/restaurant/venue with her husband, who owns Stillwater Artisanal (a nomadic beer brand).

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