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David Buehrer has been brewing and serving coffee his entire working life (since 2000). He opened Greenway Coffee Company in 2008, which roasts and distributes high quality coffee and tea to various coffee shops, restaurants, and bars, including James Beard award winning restaurants Oxheart and Underbelly. In addition to his storefront Greenway Coffee and Tea he opened Blacksmith in conjunction with the Clumsy Butcher group in 2013, which has frequently been named one of the top coffee shops in the country. With a pedigree that ranges from being a national barista competitor to hosting TEDxHouston, David has made a name for himself in and out of coffee. He is also a founding member of OKRA Charity Saloon, a charity bar that has donated $1,000,000 to local charities since 2012. David opened Morningstar, a coffee and donuts concept, in The Heights in 2016. Morningstar was named one of Houston's top 100 restaurants of 2017. His newest venture, Prelude Coffee & Tea, opened in September 2017 in downtown Houston's newest 48 story high rise development 609 Main, and has partnered with San Francisco Giants outfielder Hunter Pence and actor Ming Chen to open a board game cafe called Coral Sword in Houston's east end.

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The Veldt espresso
The Veldt espresso
$, Coffee Shop, Southwest Houston
"Nicknamed 'The Veldt,' Greenway Coffee’s summer espresso is a great expression of what Ethiopian coffee can be. Highly fruity with bright acidity, it’s like a shot of lemon and hibiscus, only in coffee form. Couple that with the fact that the Dungeon Lair location is buried in a food court, this drink makes for one of Houston's greatest culinary finds."