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Daniel Ayala


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I am a mixologist, tequila enthusiast, and a bartender. I enjoy creating and crafting for guest’s enjoyment. Cocktails are the ultimate chemistry which bring life’s together and create an atmosphere that is most enjoyable with friends.

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Because chemistry can also be
"Because chemistry can also be an art. This is a honeydew aperitif made with @eltesorotequila silver. The tart honeydew was beautifully balanced with fresh lemon and orange citrus bitters with a hint of Mexican vanilla. This is an ultimate party starter! Salud! #aperitif"
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A Mexican holiday is not
"A Mexican holiday is not complete without nopales! This is a cactus margarita!!! Recipe follows. But first a brief history of Cinco de Mayo! It is a holiday in which the Battle of Puebla is celebrated; a battle in which Mexico defeats France, a battle which lasted no more than three hours. Salud! 2 oz of silver tequila 1/4oz of agave 4oz Fresh cactus juice 🌵 1oz of lime juice"
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Hola señores! Happy Cinco de
"Hola señores! Happy Cinco de Mayo!! This cocktail besides being pretty is a delicious margarita! Sports out the Mexican “verde, blanco, y rojo” (green,white, red). The purpose is to make it cultural. Salud! For the purpose of this cocktail I used my favorite margarita recipe! 21/2 oz of @codigo1530 Silver tequila 2 oz of fresh lime juice 1/2 oz of @stgermainuk A bar spoon of agave"
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Hey guys! I’m back at with
"Hey guys! I’m back at with another cocktail! This time I took this recipe from a huge party we had @eltesorotequila. This old fashioned, I called Viejo Mundo. Twice smoked in hickory, with notes of caramel, butterscotch, and dark chocolate; it warms the heart! Salud!"
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And I simply love this shot.
"And I simply love this shot."
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During the spring time I enjoy
"During the spring time I enjoy drinks made with fresh juices. What’s your go to drink for the spring? Comment below 👇"
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