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Andre De Waal


About Andre De Waal

One of Andre de Waal’s treasured possessions, growing up in bucolic Newfoundland in Passaic County, was a copy of the Culinary Institute of America's catalogue. Andre' graduated from the institute as the Student Most Likely to Succeed. It really shows in his blend of French and Japanese cuisine.

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Just peelin' some shrimp...
"Just peelin' some shrimp..."
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darphin potato...
"darphin potato..."
new jersey wine and food
"new jersey wine and food festival at crystal springs with my son and a whole lot of super talented people!"
slow roasted goat, oats,
"slow roasted goat, oats, curds,whey, and wild greens. All local for the Foodshed Alliance Gala"
where I live these are free...
"where I live these are free..."