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About Clark Barlowe

Chef Clark Barlowe began his culinary career attending Johnson and Wales in Charlotte, NC. Clark also had stints at some of the world’s top restaurants in his hometown of Lenoir, Napa Valley, Washington DC, Bermuda, and even El Bulli in Spain. He returned to North Carolina to open his dream restaurant- Heirloom, creating original and unique dishes that reflect his travels and training.

My Venues

  • Heirloom
    8470 Belhaven Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 28216
    Charlotte, NC

Behind the Scenes

Still a strong #Chanterelle
"Still a strong #Chanterelle season in Western NC. Stop in to @heirloomrestnc this week as these will certainly be making an appearance. Many thanks to @richardbarlowe sharing his spots and harvest of these beauties. Also @gracilou14 spotted some Thelephora vialis (thanks for the ID help @chefswild ) which I’ve never seen tender enough to think of using before but after a little research I’m considering a few tests, these were all super young and tender, reminiscent of some seaweeds. Anyone work with it before @foragerman @tmgastronaut @friendlyforager @herbincalabama @swampyappleseed ?"
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You know we always source the
"You know we always source the good stuff at @heirloomrestnc This is quickly becoming one of my favorite cheeses courtesy of @orrmanscheese even though I seriously struggle to pronounce it ~ Hanfmutschli a Swiss Raw Cow’s Milk Cheese studded with toasted hemp seeds. Swipe 👉 to see all the information about this one. Then hurry to make your reservations because it will not last long for sure! #cheese #hemp"
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My new favorite dish on the
"My new favorite dish on the @heirloomrestnc Spring/Summer A la Carte Menu ~ NC Black Fin Tuna, @ansonmills Carolina Gold Rice cooked with @cheforager Bamboo, Hand Harvested Sea Lettuce from the NC Coast, Spanish Black Radishes, @misomaster Red Miso Vinaigrette. Try it and see why I’m so high on this dish. Tonight, next week, and as long as we have sea lettuce and tuna, only at @heirloomrestnc #blackfintuna #sealettuce"
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Foraging up some Service
"Foraging up some Service Berries aka Amelanchier from right up the road in Coulwood, NW Charlotte. Similar in flavor to blueberries, but with a very unique flavor all it’s own Service Berries are always exciting for us at @heirloomrestnc as they signal berry season is truly underway after Strawberries have started to pass. Look for these beauties next week and possibly tomorrow as we start to play with some possible uses for 2018. Swipe to see @amstefaney in foraging action. #serviceberry #foraging #eatsomethingwildeveryday"
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I finally found your source
"I finally found your source for NC Szechuan Peppercorns @kathleenpurvis and I couldn’t be more excited. Right place, right time at the Yorkmont Farmer’s Market this morning to meet, Who, yep that’s his name. Only one bag this week, but I’ve got an order for plenty more next week. NC Szechuan Peppercorns?!? Go figure, these will make the tasting menu at @heirloomrestnc starting on Tuesday so stop by and try them for yourself! #szechuanpepper"
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I rarely allow products, let
"I rarely allow products, let alone produce from outside of NC into @heirloomrestnc Not because there aren’t great farmers and producers in other states, but because our mission is to honor NC farmers and producers through our work. That all being said when @nat_bradford calls and offers you some of his family’s famous collards, how could I possibly turn that down? Thank you Nat for coming to visit and allowing us the opportunity to showcase your team’s hard work. These collards are truly out of this world, stems tender to the base, so we get to utilize 100%, not that we weren’t going to do that already. I really can’t wait to get working with these! #collards @bradford_watermelons"
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