Ted Habiger

Chef, Owner
Ted Habiger

Kansas City

About Ted Habiger

Chef Ted Habiger is the Co-owner/Executive Chef of Brewery Emperial in Kansa City, MO. He also runs and owns Room 39, Room 39 Mission Farms, and Sasha’s Bakery.

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Pictures from my little trip
"Pictures from my little trip to the Salida, CO home of @lavidasalida Made the best potato gnocchi I’ve ever made with their son Luke. Skied two days and hiked another. Back in beautiful KC❤️MO inspired and ready to cook!"
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Woke up to the news of this
"Woke up to the news of this culinary giant dead at 91. He will be missed, but thousands upon thousands will continue to cook in his legacy. paulbocuse_officiel"
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No big deal. Just hanging with
"No big deal. Just hanging with friends. #lifegoals✔️"
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