Angela Riley

Beverage Manager, Producer
Angela Riley


About Angela Riley

Angela enjoys referring to herself as a “townie” –a graduate of Decatur High School, Georgia State University, and the Atlanta restaurant industry. Angela established the digital brand and voice for The Giving Kitchen just prior to joining the Wild Heaven Beer team. As Brand Storyteller, Angela implements WHB’s brand package through their social media pages and website, as well as maintaining a small sales account base. See Angela around town? Ask her for a joke.

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Releasing cans of this one
"Releasing cans of this one tonight (4/20) in the Taproom! Juicy dank fresh kief beer but bossman said I certainly cannot say “come get high like an eagle with us this 4/20” on the socials so here I am on my personal account. I’m going to see Sturgill at @420fest so I won’t be there. BUT you should go and make a marijuana reference to the bartenders for me. Kthxbai"
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"Yeah, she's always out here
""Yeah, she's always out here taking creepy pictures and telling us to try harder." -@brickstorepub! I done got some real good pictures"
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