Timothy Victor Faulkner

Timothy Victor Faulkner


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Bartender, Beverage Director, and Consultant. Up or Down, Octopus Bar, 8ARM, & Private Party.

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Yo Y’all springtime Kirsch &
"Yo Y’all springtime Kirsch & Coke it’s perfect. I’m evolving, update, spring training fancy AF #evolve"
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(not v good w rum tho)
"🍑>🍒 (not v good w rum tho)"
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What kinda Asshole puts sugar
"What kinda Asshole puts sugar on a Peach? #ps you better bring a pistol"
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1st rum & coke of 2018 y’all
"1st rum & coke of 2018 y’all new year new me here’s to you n yours #blessed"
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