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  • Ela
    627 S 3rd St
    Philadelphia, PA


  • 3-Bell Review (Mica)
    Philadelphia Inquirer
  • Young Entrepreneurs in Philadelphia
    Philadelphia Business Journal
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    Top Chef
  • ChefsFeed Winner
    One of the Best Things to Eat in Philly

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Behind the Scenes

Nasturtium caper
"Nasturtium caper"
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Morning ramp picking... and
"Morning ramp picking... and eating"
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One of the best times I've had
"One of the best times I've had cooking with some of the best guys. @hungrypigeonphilly and one of the most humbling experiences when one of the chefs I've looked up to since I started cooking made a surprise visit. @wyliedufresne thank you chef for the years inspiration and of course for the donuts"
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Who needs ramps? ... I usually
"Who needs ramps? ... I usually keep what i pick.... but ya know..... Rent .... and these are super nice"
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At My Venues

South Philadelphia
Jason Cichonski
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