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Took a road trip to Austin for
"Took a road trip to Austin for the weekend. Gotta hit up @theczechstop just North of Waco, in West, Texas. Not the direction, the town. It’s right on 35 and has a shell station attached to it. A Texas tradition."
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Have you been to @ft33dallas?
"Have you been to @mattft33 has announced recently that there’s only a month left on this fabulous restaurant. Swing by and check em out before it’s too late. Bring a hundred bucks and let them order for you."
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I’m a sucker for posole, a
"I’m a sucker for posole, a Mexican hominy soup. It just makes my day better. Avila’s Restaurant serves it year round, while most places only serve it during winter. They also have killer enchiladas and flour tortillas. Go check em out over by Maple and Wycliffe near the beginning of the Tollroad."
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